Cariad's Money Raising Efforts

Not being content with other people raising money, Cariad has decided to raise her own funds (well, spending money). Because Jez has an alter ego as a small scale cider maker, Cariad opted to make her own brand of cider!

'Cariads Marvellous Cider' is a single variety Egremont Russet cider made by, and under the supervision of Cariad. She chose the apples, pressed some of them, helped bottle the cider and designed the label. 146 Cider Company has contributed apples, bottles caps and labels to her cause... well, children have to be encouraged eh!

All of the proceeds from this cider will go into Cariad's Disney trip account and be put towards spending. Given that there will be about 450 bottles in total she should achieve her own goal. Something else she can feel pleased with herself for!

146 Cider does not possess the premises licence required to sell directly to the public, though please do contact them to find out where you can get hold of a bottle. Alternatively, visit and find out where it is available.

Notes and attribution - The name chosen, 'Cariad's Marvellous Cider' does bear a resemblance to one of Cariad's favourite stories, Georges Marvellous Medicine. Being signed up to Drinkaware, 146 Cider was keen for Cariad to choose something that wasn't childish or could be perceived to appeal to minors (yup, it's taken that seriously!) On balance, this was the best of the names she came up with and, naturally, 146 Cider Co. takes full responsibility for all aspects of its production, bottling and sale. Cariad was involved as much as a 9 year old child is allowed to be!