You didn't think that we would be making this trip for the fun of it, did you? Actually, there are probably a number of people who would do it for the fun of it! However, there are some very real reasons behind this challenge.

The primary aim of bussing from one end of the country to the other is to raise money for a little girl with profound muscle weakness to take the trip of a lifetime... however, short or long that lifetime may be. The dream destination? Orlando. And once there, all the joys of Disney World, Universal Studio's, Sea World and an 'educational' trip to Cape Canaveral. It's not cheap; in fact it's neither cheap in cost, preparation or collective stress levels! However, it is what she has chosen as her dream... that and a sleepover with the Onceler from the Lorax!

Target goal for the trip is: £20,000

In case you were wondering why this is a deserving or valid cause, please check out the information pages about Cariad.

This kind of trip was simply not possible until very recently.  Both insurance and flights were not available. However, things have changed and, although still very expensive, it is now possible. So, seeing as it can be done it must! Clearly many kids would love to do this trip. But then, can you think of anything better for such a child as Cariad? And that isn't the only aim!

Once the cost of the trip is covered all the excess will be donated to an organisation who are experts in making wishes come true for children in the UK living with difficulties of all sorts. Make a Wish UK have had years of doing this, and there is nothing so satisfying as putting a big ol' smile on the face of a child who has plenty to not smile about.

See the page on Make a Wish for more information about this organisation.

We welcome sponsorship from both individuals and companies/organisations alike. A 'Just Giving' page has been set up for specific donations, and we are happy to talk about corporate sponsorship and advertising/promotional activities in order to achieve our targets. We are happy to wear hats with logo's, jackets festooned with logo's, do a stint for publicity... I suspect Michael will even dress like 'Blakey' from On the Buses if the donation is large enough:-)

The Just Giving page has been kindly set up as an appeal for the trip by the Blossom Development Trust, a registered charity.

Donate here!   Click to visit the appeals 'Just Giving' page.

See the donations pages for more detailed information about sponsorship and donations.