All donations big or small are welcome!

We will keep this site updated with the total funds raised - there is no real goal: once the cost of the trip is reached all the excess goes  to making other kids dreams reality!

Current Total: £15,372.00 (the total does not include Gift Aid, so is closer to £16,000)


If you are an individual, then you can make your donation to the Cariad Rose Trust via JustGiving - click here.

Donations can now be received, via JustGiving, through a simple SMS text message service. To donate a fiver by SMS, simply text the code CRTA81 £5 to 70 070. It doesn't have to be a fiver - simply change the amount after the code!

We have partnered with the Blossom Development Trust, a registered charity in the UK, who have set up an appeal for us in via Just Giving. This means that any individuals donating to the cause are able to save tax on the donation.

If you want to join us on a leg of the trip, we will be posting more detailed information closer to the trip.


If you are a company, you may either make your donation via JustGiving (click here) or else contact Jez or Michael via Omnibus. .