For the sake of transparency, the estimated costs of the trip to Orlando are detailed here.

Being the trip of a lifetime it is based around her needs (e.g. for every 2 days of fun there needs to be a day of rest). It will be a three week trip, with one week at Disney World and two further weeks taking in Universal Studio's, Sea World and America in general. Four people are expected to be travelling - Cariad, her parents and an additional carer.

For the most part, food and things 'not for Cariad' are outside of the goals for fundraising. The family expect to contribute to the holiday! The figures below are based upon 2013 figures, so are indicative:

Costs are outlined below, with notes relating to the costs.

  1. Insurance
  2. Flights
  3. Accommodation
  4. Van Rental
  5. Medical Equipment Rental
  6. Disney World
  7. Other Attractions
  8. Cariad Spending boost
  9. Miscellaneous


£   600.00
£   500.00
£   500.00


Notes to the costs:

  1. Insurance is costed for Cariad + an adult (weird rule, but she is a minor!) at £1,000.00 per week. This is for a 'taking no chances' insurance through a UK company.
  2. As Cariad must travel laying down, and be accompanied by at least two carers the cost of flights must be at Business Class level. However, the cheapest cost will be sought.
  3. Accommodation is for an accessible, self catering villa
  4. Van rental is for a wheelchair accessible van, insurance and reasonable fuel cost for one week
  5. Cariad will need consumables and back up medical equipment to USA standards. Oxygen cylinders will require renting as will power converters for UK equipment being taken
  6. Disney World costs based upon 7 days at a 'normal' grade hotel with half board and passes for 5 days (at 2013 prices)
  7. Based upon 2 trips to Universal Studios, 2 trips to Sea World (kissing a dolphin is a must do!) and 1 trip to Cape Canaveral.
  8. Although Cariad is raising her own money, this is a boost to make sure she enjoys herself freely.
  9. Miscellaneous is a fund that may be dipped into if required for unforeseen expenditure (such as price increases etc.)

Any money left over from the trip will be redirected to Make A Wish (UK)