Make a Wish UK

Once the magic number has been achieved for Cariads dream holiday - a real wish in its own right and, until recently, impossible to achieve - we want to spread the same idea to others who live with difficulties and challenges. Luckily, there is an organisation that already exists to make dreams come true in this way- the Make a Wish foundation.

So, any money raised beyond our aims will be donated to Make a Wish UK, who can then put it to good use for others.

About Make a Wish Foundation UK

Apologies - this was cribbed from the Make a Wish website (and edited a touch)

Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK is a charity with a single purpose – they grant magical wishes to children and young people aged 3-17 living with life-threatening conditions.

Make-A-Wish has granted more than 8,400 magical wishes over more than 26 years. Their wishes transform lives! Cariad still talks about her trip to Strictly Come Dancing - more than a year after it was granted!

Over 20,000 children in the UK are living with a life-threatening condition, a figure validated by research commissioned by Make-A-Wish. At a human level, they believe few things can be more important, or more deserving, than giving a seriously ill child the chance to have their wish come true, with all the hope, expectation and happiness that brings.

This year they will be granting over 1,100 wishes, and need to raise £7 million to achieve this.

Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK was launched in June 1986 and for the first six years operated from offices above a shop in Camberley, Surrey. They are still in Camberley today. Four wishes were granted in the first year, 13 in the second and by the end of the third year, 100 wishes had been granted.

Make-A-Wish is about passion, expertise, trust and fairness. Their wishes are about magic, hope, smiles and memories.